Professor Anas Ghadouani

Internationally recognised water expert


I have always been interested in water. Water is essentially a major communication line for life. Professor Anas Ghadouani


Anas Ghadouani is a professor of environmental engineering and leader of the research group Aquatic Ecology and Ecosystem Studies. The group focuses on water resources (water and wastewater), ecological engineering and environmental engineering, with an emphasis on the development of innovative technologies.

Professor Ghadouani has more than 20 years of research and teaching experience in the water area and has led numerous large-scale multidisciplinary projects nationally and internationally.

He is an expert advisor to a number of organisations and agencies in Australia and internationally. He has also been an editor of the journal Hydrology and Earth System Sciences since 2005 and Water (MDPI) and Frontiers in Marine Science since 2017.


Currently, he is Executive Director of the $120m Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) established in 2012. His role includes both operation and scientific leadership in the multidisciplinary research centre. The role also includes the coordination of the CRCWSC activities within UWA, and the management of relationships with Western Australian CRC industry partners.

He also teaches the units Ecological Engineering, and Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery.

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TedxPerth speaker, 2017

Commendation for Teaching Excellence, 2017

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PhD Montreal



UWA Research Impact Grants

  •  'Maximising the impact of sludge profiling package within the water industry',
  • Dr Liah Coggins, Professor Anas Ghadouani

VIC Melbourne Water

  • 'Wastewater focused review of GHG production, measurement, flux estimation, and selected GHG accounting schemes'
  • Professor Anas Ghadouani, Dr Liah Coggins

South Australian Water Corporation

  • 'Implementation of remotely operated sludge measurement technology for improving management of SA Water waste stabilisation pond assets'
  • Professor Anas Ghadouani, Dr Liah Coggins


ARC Discovery Projects

  • 'Ecological regime shifts for re-engineering water pollution management'
  • Professor Anas Ghadouani, Mr Matthew Hipsey, Dr Matthew Linden, Doctor Frederik Hammes, Professor W Mitch, Professor Doctor Michele Prevost


Swan River Trust Swan Canning Research and Innovation

  • 'Assessment of sediment in critical habitat pools of the Canning River',
  • Professor Anas Ghadouani, Dr Elke Reichwaldt 
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