Analysing the uses and effects of media to communicate, manipulate, challenge and engage

Communication tools and concepts are transforming the way we think about our identities, relationships and communities; from language to screen, and from emoji to social networks. The ‘old media’ of literature, print and broadcasting and the ‘new media’ of the internet, mobile technologies and social networking both shape representations of identity, ethnicity, social class and gender, and are used by different social agents for various agendas.

The relationships between people and their visual, material and media artifacts, including social media, art, photography, film and television, museum collections and others is a focus of much of our research across a range of topics


We consider creativity, aesthetics, representations, the social uses and effects of new media technologies, property and its transformations, and more.

From the exploration of the theory and practice of the internet, to video production, gaming, analyses of public communication, reality TV and representations of beauty online, we are interested in how media impacts our lives.

Collaborate with us

We have successfully undertaken research with support from a number of funding bodies, including the Australian Research Council (Discovery, Linkage, Future Fellowships, DECRA) and the World Universities Network.

We have interdisciplinary expertise, backed by our collective quantitative and qualitative research skills, and are keen to collaborate on media-relevant projects. To discuss how we could work together, contact Dr Steven Maras on the details below.

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