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Studying a Bachelor of Science online in India

13/08/2021 | 4 MINS

Hear from current student Ananya on her experience starting a psychology degree online from her home country and what she's loving most about studying at UWA. From virtual internships to volunteering, assisting local businesses and becoming a UWA Unibuddy  Ananya has done it all! 

Ananya is a Bachelor of Science student with majors in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences and Human Resource Management.


Why did you choose to study at UWA?

The most important reason for me to choose UWA was the option of financial support. Through my Grade 12 score I qualified for the Global Excellence Scholarship. Additionally, I was offered the best psychology course in the School of Psychological Sciences and had the option of doing a double major as well, and therefore decided to pursue my course of choice at UWA.

I wish to pursue a career as an Industrial/Organisational Psychologist. I believe psychology and human resource management is the most suitable combination of study to build a base for a master's degree.

What are you enjoying most about your course?

I am an offshore student, studying online from New Delhi, India. In this virtual mode of learning, the most interesting aspect for me has been the research participation component of the Level 1 psychology core units which require all students to participate in research studies being conducted by postgraduate and PhD students at UWA. This exposure, although online, has given me great insight into what comprises the thesis and research part of this discipline.

I am able to enrol and take part in different kinds of online experiments and studies which require me to answer questionnaires and complete exercises that check certain cognitive bases of the human psychology. To me, that is very interesting and I look forward to participating in more such laboratory experiments on campus!


What is your favourite aspect of studying at UWA?

The international exposure. I get to meet many different people from many different backgrounds, almost every day. This has been the highlight for me in the past three semesters of online study at UWA.

One of the most enriching experience was when I got the opportunity to pursue a module at the University of Liverpool through UWA’s Study Abroad and Exchange Program on sustainability including local action and shared outcomes relating to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I met highly accomplished teachers who are masters in their field of civil engineering and building a green environment. Fellow students from various nationalities like Netherlands, Canada, Singapore as well as many from different Australian universities in New South Wales, Western Sydney and Wollongong. Some other students from UWA also participated. It was a memorable journey that I thoroughly enjoyed, helps build my profile and I would highly recommend.

Are you involved in any clubs or groups?

I have been very active in all the forums that I find align with my interests and passions. I have been involved with the UWA Guild Volunteering sessions that are hosted via Zoom for us to be able to contribute in.

I became a UniMentor in my second year to help new joining international students, especially those starting their studies online and guide them through my experience.


I was also chosen to be a class representative for one my psychology core units in my second semester as part of the UWA Student Guild Education Council and be the bridge between the unit coordinator and the students enrolled in that unit. The International Student Department (ISD) is also a forum I have tried being active with as it directly pertains to my interests, by co-hosting online orientation and social gathering sessions for international new students.

During the mid-year semester break in 2021, I was chosen to represent UWA at the Joondalup Innovation Challenge, alongside many other students from different universities in Australia. As part of this hackathon, my team consisting of 6 other students from these institutions and a highly accomplished industry mentor, developed a pitch about the promotion of entrepreneurial ventures by international students in Australia. We were successfully placed as one of the top five teams for our brilliant idea, great presentation skills and teamwork by a panel of judges which included the Hon. Mayor of Joondalup, Member of the Legislative Council of WA, and CEO of StudyPerth.

Have you completed any internships or work experience so far?

I have successfully completed the Study Australia Industry Experience Program where I was teamed with four other students from other Australian universities. We worked as consultants for our client who owned a pet food treats business and was interested in expanding and exporting to South Korea.

In two weeks we conducted desktop market research and a small consumer survey as part of primary research to present the client with evidence of overall market attractiveness for her products.

I am currently also enrolled in a Virtual Start-up Internship Program at the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship which is provided to students of UWA through the Forage platform as an opportunity to gain work experience, especially in terms how it’s like to work in a start-up environment.

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