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How a Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s can save you time and money

04/11/2020 | 3 MINS

With a comprehensive bachelor's degree usually taking three years full time, and a master’s degree taking two years, the usual undergrad plus postgrad route is a five-year commitment.

To train you in less time and save you course fees, we’re offering many new combination degrees, fast-tracking your uni studies so you graduate with a bachelor’s degree and specialised master’s in just four years.

Combined Bachelor's and Master's: Bachelor's Degree + Master's = 4 years

The Combined Bachelor's and Master's (CBM) is a four-year accelerated program for high-performing students. Over your first three years, you'll complete an extended major in your chosen discipline – including a semester of more advanced study – leading into a final full year at postgraduate level.

You’ll graduate with both a full specialised bachelor's and a full master's degree on an accelerated four-year pathway (2.5 years plus 1.5 years). If you decide not to continue in the CBM, you can exit after three years with an Advanced Bachelor's Degree in the study area of your extended major.

Note that the Advanced Bachelor's Degree is available only as a CBM exit award – it’s not offered for direct enrolment and is not awarded on completion of the CBM. 

Here are the combined degrees you can take:

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