UWA Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework

At UWA, we are committed to providing an environment where our students and staff can thrive as they study, work and live. The UWA Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework (2022-2025) has been co-designed by students and staff to ensure a whole of institution, strengths-based approach.

Our aim is to recognise our community of diverse voices and we look forward to working together to achieve our vision – to create an inclusive university experience that encourages a proactive, accessible, holistic and student-centred approach to mental health and wellbeing.


UWA Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework [PDF 14MB]

UWA Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework [WORD 39.8MB]

Student survey summary [PDF 930KB]

Student survey summary [WORD 4.5MB]

Our focus

The Framework is structured around seven principles that support student mental health and wellbeing. These principles are used to organise the key deliverables and their corresponding outcome measures.

The Framework’s principles and deliverables were informed by extensive student and staff engagement, as well as Orygen’s Australian University Mental Health Framework.

Wellbeing building blocks

These building blocks make up the foundation of a strong and healthy wellbeing.

When you take the time to plan your wellbeing building blocks and ensure that each one is topped up, it helps you to be at your best, manage stress and successfully work towards your goals.


Hear how some students fill up their wellbeing building blocks. 

“Being outdoors and active helps me to de-stress.”

“It might sound crazy but my mind stops and I feel a sense of clam when I draw and colour.”

“Hanging out with friends and talking things through makes me feel supported which makes me feel better.”

Health and wellbeing

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