Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professional

Conduct diagnostic tests for patient assessment, provide health advice, develop health and safety promotions, administer pharmaceuticals.

Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professional

As a health diagnostic and promotion professional you will be involved in a field covering many aspects of a patient's treatment.

You could be asked to:

  • develop, implement, review, examine, test and raise awareness of diets, menus and nutrition intervention programs; the nature and extent of vision problems; and patients' medicine therapy
  • plan, implement and review strategies and procedures for safe, economic and suitable disposal of various wastes and for safe work practices
  • conduct research and assess data relating to the health and nutrition status of individuals, groups and communities and/or to develop and improve pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and related chemical products
  • produce images to assist medical practitioners diagnose patients' illnesses and diseases
  • administer radiation treatment
  • consult with other health professionals, chemists and engineering professionals and members of the community

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Undergraduate Courses To Become

Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professional

Postgraduate Courses To Become

Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professional

Coursework courses to pursue this career

Postgraduate study is not necessarily required for this occupation, but may be helpful for career advancement.

Relevant postgraduate courses include: